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Pre-fabricated, designed and managed data- warehouse

Minimal Change

Build on top of your accounting processes and  QB to get the actionable operations data you need to scale your business

Data Helpdesk

Affordable Offshore data administration, engineering and governance as a subscription service

  • Fastest way to get enterprise reporting and analytics while extending the need for complicated enterprise applications until later phases of growth

  • Build on top of Quickbooks, payroll applications, and other basic business applications instead of replacing it

  • Themis organizes and integrates data from multiple sources to allow advanced business reporting and analytics at scale without the need to purchase enterprise applications

  • Get out of operating in spreadsheets while avoiding disruption of transplanting your business workflows

  • Scale your business faster by simplifying your backend systems

  • Avoid the expensive costs of data personnel

After fixing mis-implemented enterprise applications in large enterprise environments, we realized that putting in a data warehouse before they scale to the enterprise applications would've saved these companies millions of dollars and years of waste.  But building a data warehouse platform requires mature data teams that early stage fast growth companies can't afford to hire.  So we took our CIO, CTO and CISO led team to build a subscription based platform that's affordable and easy to use with the following benefits.

Themis: A prefabricated data warehouse + Business Intelligence designed, built, and maintained by Pandoblox

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