Busting KPI Myths to Avoid "The Performance Trap"

Busting KPI Myths to Avoid "The Performance Trap"

KPIs are critical to every organization, but in a sea of KPIs to choose from, how do you know which ones will have the greatest impact on your organization?


Selecting the right KPIs is itself a journey.  While there are always table stakes KPIs that every organization in a given industry needs to track, companies need to figure out what custom KPIs harness the data needed to both help determine success and help with strategy and tactical decisions.  This journey begins with a deep evaluation of a company’s value streams and ends with a set of KPIs that in turn, may need to be modified over time as new challenges and opportunities emerge.


Successful Boards and Executives have figured out both the importance of and the dynamic nature of the most valuable KPIs at each stage of a company’s growth.  


Join Pat Turpin, CPG board member and advisor, founder and former President of Popchips, Vice President of Costco; and Peter Huh, Capital Brands/NutriBullet CIO/CTO, and other industry veterans as they discuss how to determine the right KPIs for each organization.