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Frequently Asked Questions

Why me?

You’re on our email list and we noticed from time to time you engage with the content. Maybe you clicked on a link, watched one of our ask me anything videos or webinars, visited our home page, etc.
You were chosen because you are a high-level executive with exposure to many facets of everyday business and we would like to hear from you.

Do I have to prepare for the call?

No. Just give us your insight on challenges you’ve had with previous ERP and data projects. The discussion is not meant to be a homework-type assignment but rather a high-level business-focused exchange between peers.

What will I be asked?

Pandoblox takes a unique business forward approach to the implementation and management of data and enterprise systems. Our process is based on an experienced team leading some of the largest digital business operations in the world. What makes us unique is our focus on the user story at end-user, customer, and executive management. We want to get your input to help us better develop our upcoming support tools.

Do I have to buy anything?

No. We just want to run some ideas by you and get your opinion on a few products, processes, and offers we’re fine-tuning. For this half-hour call, we just want your advice.

Will I be compensated for my time?

You will earn a $250 gift card for the half-hour discussion which will be issued after the completion of the call.


Patrick J. Turpin

CPG Board Member and Advisor,

Co-Founder and former CEO of Popchips

Henry Park

Pandoblox Founder and Executive Partner

Advisory Focus Group

Because of your leadership role, we have identified you to participate in a discussion with a leading CPG executive.  As you know, data enterprise tools can be powerful & effective if they are rolled out correctly. Pandoblox is seeking feedback to help our product team improve data tools.
As part of this effort, Pat Turpin brings decades of experience establishing and growing companies as a business leader and more recently, as a board advisor for a number of CPG companies. With his help, Pandoblox has been focused on developing new products, and as we get closer to finalizing our tools, we are looking for more feedback from experienced business leaders in your industry

This offer is non-transferrable.  Email address must not be a personal address.

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