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1. Recommended Interview Contacts

Who do you recommend we talk with about Netsuite and MDM / Governance?
Interviews will be conducted using Zoom

Assessment Focus



Best Way To Contact (phone, email, assistant)

Contact Information



2. Current Environment Management and Operations

3. Data Artifacts


Document Type


Link To Document


Technical and System Documentation

Architectural diagrams

Data Dictionary

Data Schemas

Data Source Inventory

Inventory of Databases, Platforms, and Applications (like MS Access, Excel, etc) currently being used to run the business

ETL – Extract Transform Load processes

Upstream Dependencies

Downstream Dependencies

Integrations with other systems

Reporting: fields, calculations, definitions

Change management records, dependencies, backout instructions, indicates related to changes

Capacity Planning

Data quality

Code Review

Business Requirements Documents

Stewardship & Business

Project charters

Documentation related to any development of Item, Sku, Cost, Pricing, Applications like Netsuite, BI and Reporting

Data Integrity Review

Business Process documents and flowcharts

Data Gap Analysis


Vision, Goals, Ties to Organizational Key Performance Indicators and business goals

Governance key stakeholder list

Processes and Procedures related to

Naming conventions

Record Retention

Data Security and PII

Change Management

Approval Matrix for new data and changes

Data Owners and Analysts responsible to review project requests, change tickets, impact to data?


Data Transparency - who can see what

Data Usage

Is there documentation that explains usage like Net Revenue for Sales vs Finance?

4. Organizational Resources

Organizational Resources

Resource Type

Currently Staffed?

# of Resources

IT / Technical

Data Architects

Data Modelers

Data Analyst


Application Developers

SQL Tuning Experts

BI Developers


Integration Experts


Data Stewards & Domain Specific Business Analysts (financial analysts, marketing analysts, etc.)

Power Users

End Users

Data Management Questionnaire
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