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NetSuite Environment Survey
Do you have a list of issues and tickets on NetSuite filed or raised by end-users for the last 6 months?
Can a user account be created for a precursory review of your environment by one of our functional consultants?
What modules from NetSuite core are being used today?
Record to Report
Journal entries
Intercompany Journals
Bank Reconciliation
Financial Reports
Design to Build
Basic Inventory
Advanced Inventory
Multi-location inventory
Procure to Pay/Return to Credit
Do you use purchase requests or requisitions?
Purchase Order
Purchase order approval routing 
Expense Reports
Item Receipts
Vendor Bills
Vendor Prepayments
Vendor Return Authorization
Vendor Payment
Electronic File Transfer Payments
Vendor Credit
Fixed Assets Management
Order to Cash/Return to Credit
Sales Order
Sales Order Approvals 
Customer Payment
Return Authorization
Credit Memo
Salesforce Automation module (includes Lead to quote, opportunity records, estimates/quotes, sales team, and quota)
Support Management module
Any add-on modules that you are using? Please specify
What are the modules mostly in use now and are prioritized to be fixed or enhanced?
Do you have data object owners within NetSuite?
NetSuite Data Management
Redundancy - Do you use NetSuite’s duplicate detection Feature?
If the answer to redundancy is yes, do you perform the merging of duplicate data using the NetSuite merging feature?
Do you perform periodic reviews of your data with no activities for a certain period of time? (Example: Customer with no sales activities for the last 6 months)
Do you allow deletion of entities (Customer, vendors, contacts) and item records in NetSuite?
Do you allow deletion of transactions in NetSuite?
If the answer to deletion of entities is yes and deletion of transactions is yes, what control is currently in place to ensure any deletion is valid?
Item Records: Which of the following item types are currently used in NetSuite:
Item Group
Do you use Matrix items?
Do you use inventory reports in NetSuite? If yes, please specify. If no, please provide the source of inventory reports.
The modules below are not part of the ERP system but also available in NetSuite system, please confirm if the organization is also utilizing any of the following:
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