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Our Approach:

Unified Digital Transformation

Our approach starts with identifying business operation key gaps between resources, processes, data, and infrastructure. After a thorough dive is performed using agile methodology, technical solutions are applied to match all the requirements. This approach ensures a successful transformation by addressing and aligning future state goals.

Is your data ready?

Get prepared for your next digital initiative

Pandoblox starts with identifying key gaps between data, process, resources, and infrastructure in your business. These findings are measured against operations in order to ensure your digital initiative will be successful and will provide the maximum impact for your business. 

Data is not standardized between business departments.

Data ownership is  not clear within the organization.

Do not have the right people in the right roles to handle new processes

Technology solution does not address data quality and process problems.

Too much time spent on assessment and not enough on adoption.

Most Digital Transformations will fail because...

Featured Videos

How to communicate with customers if you have a breach?

Have you experienced a security breach in your organization? Do you have a responsibility to disclose the breach to high-touch customers? Here are some pragmatic tips from James Rinaldi, a veteran CIO and current CTIA at JPL, on how to communicate a breach and remediation plan to customers.

How to communicate with stakeholders if you have a breach?

During any security event, communicating information to key stakeholders, shareholders, executive staff, or the board of directors, needs to be handled carefully. James Rinaldi, Chief ITA at Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL), explains how to message and answer questions to convey urgency without panic.

Building for the future in growth mode

Andrew Clarke shares that while their company is in growth mode, they’ve been unable to invest in the technology and infrastructure needed to attain such growth. He is grateful for the roadmap and tailored support Pandoblox provided to help them build the capabilities to get started in their growth trajectory.

How do you know when to change the culture and how do you change culture?

Pat Turpin recommends checking Patrick Leoncini’s “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” where a test helps one determine if an organization has a culture problem. He also says that it is crucial that an organization determines its culture, and it shall serve as its “North Star” as it works its way through its strategy. This culture can take into a variety of forms depending on the organization, but it has to be authentic.

KPIs: A Love-Hate Relationship

Every part of the organization such as performance management, supply chain to operational planning uses some form of KPIs to measure levels of success. Fully leveraging values streams-driven KPIs give businesses the power to pinpoint challenges and opportunities faster. Effective KPIs are important not only to measure performance over time but to garner deeper insights from the data as well as to implement new strategies.

OKR Myths

Pandoblox Executive Partner Bob van Dusen busts the myth that OKRs can be quickly defined without doing the actual work of making sure all aspects are measurable. On the other hand, there is a sense of discipline in creating OKRs based on having a well-defined objective that provides a specific and desired result that will benefit the organization.

Get Integrated

We work together with your teams to properly match the perfect solution using our quick win approach, ensuring easier and faster overall adoption for a successful digital transformation.

Data Hygiene and Quality
Data Architecture and Modeling
Data Governance and Stewardship
ERP and Digital platforms
Modern Data Staffing

Battle-tested managed staff augment your team to hammer home digital initiatives

Matching tools to your business capabilities and future goals

Develop the plan to visualize your data and make it actionable.

Data spans your entire organization, so clear rules need to be defined up front.

Without clean data, you’ll have garbage in garbage out.

ERP and Digital platforms

Data Hygiene and Quality

Modern Data Staffing

Data Architecture and Modeling

Data Governance and Stewardship


To keep your organization and your biggest assets safe, security can’t be an afterthought.

Vertically Integrated

Manageable Proof-of-Value milestones

Cloud-native design and architecture

Immediate change and impact


Business Focused

Co-elevating partnership

Problem Predicting vs. Problem Solving

Our Promise

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