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CFO Challenges and Strategies
in a Changing World

2020 has been a tumultuous year for companies from government mandates forcing emergency operational changes to new security threats and an ever-increasing need to swiftly adjust front-end businesses, including agility improvements in legacy SCM systems, to meet wildly fluctuating customer needs.  Now near the end of the year, with perhaps a little room to breathe, at last, it's time to reflect back over the past 9 months and re-think what strategies matter most.

December 16, 2020

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From the SolarWinds Security Breach to Securing Digital Transformation

2021 is off to a blazing start, and more than ever CEOs and executives are looking for ways to increase throughput, security, access to data, and maximize profits. The questions that come to mind with the rapid transition to SaaS-based platforms from heavy legacy systems are "Is the cloud safe?", "What do I need to do to accommodate a remote force?", "Do I need an on-premise team and if so, how do I keep them up to date?", "How do I keep our assets secure?"

March 9, 2021

Working Together to Prepare

for a Security Breach

It is vital that all departments work together after a security breach and initiate immediate corrective actions to mitigate any damage.


Unfortunately, this crisis-mode situation often causes departments to become even more disjointed, and finger-pointing and blaming take center stage.


Learn how to create a plan that will get all business units (and executives) on the same page so that actions and responses are coordinated, timely, and effective.

October 14, 2021

Busting KPI Myths to Avoid

"The Performance Trap"

KPIs are critical to every organization, but in a sea of KPIs to choose from, how do you know which ones will have the greatest impact on your organization?


Selecting the right KPIs is itself a journey. While there are always table stakes KPIs that every organization in a given industry needs to track, companies need to figure out what custom KPIs harness the data needed to both help determine success and help with strategy and tactical decisions. This journey begins with a deep evaluation of a company’s value streams, and ends with a set of KPIs that in turn, may need to be modified over time as new challenges and opportunities emerge.

June 22, 2021