Salesforce Database Manager - PH

Full Time

About The Role: 

The Salesforce database manager focuses on the database management activities including regularly performing data integrity checks and full data audits. The database manager works directly with the customer master data analyst to extract and upload records.  The database manager reviews reports provides the information to the Salesforce Lead manager and the clients.

This role augments the role currently performed part time by the existing team during data clean-up efforts, there is a heavy load on the database management role.   The clean up work is time sensitive to keep the customer data master analyst working in a steady flow.

This role can be a shared service to multiple clients after the database is cleaned up and running with minimal data errors.

Salesforce Database Manager

The Database Manager will support the Salesforce Lead Manager in maintaining and managing Salesforce database and ensuring the integrity of its data. This position will take the lead in conducting fine-grained tasks to improve the functionality and intuitiveness of the database. This role will support a large Development department in their use of Salesforce. The Database Manager will also work with other software systems. This role is a great opportunity for someone who has experience with the backend of Salesforce and wants to focus on data roles.


  • Document and maintain consistent procedures for data input to ensure accurate data.

  • Create processes for training and onboarding new users to Salesforce.

  • Develop strategies for monitoring and maintaining the completeness and accuracy of records.

  • Perform routine data integrity tasks, including mass updating contact record fields and mass merging duplicate accounts.

  • Analyze and pinpoint sources of data anomalies within Salesforce.

  • Maintain and develop user interfaces such as custom fields, workflow and validation rules, and page layouts in Salesforce.

  • Supports the Salesforce Lead Manager in a variety of advanced reporting tasks using Salesforce reports, SQL, and Tableau.

  • Assist the Salesforce Lead Manager with the maintenance of third-party integrations with Salesforce

  • Work with third party tools to maintain accurate demographic data

  • Maintain users, profiles, and public groups in Salesforce.

  • Optimize functionality of databases by staying up to date on future improvements and by researching applications to identify possible areas of innovation.

  • Identify opportunities for improvement and make constructive suggestions for change.



  • Familiarity with Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migrations

  • Customer data scrubbing and maintenance

  • Must be residing in the Philippines

  • Willing to follow Pacific time work around


  • At least 4 years of experience working with Salesforce, with at least 2 years’ experience as an advanced user or database administrator Skills

  • High level of proficiency in Excel, MS Access, or other data management tools.

  • Attentive to details, and adept at maintaining systems for easy access to information and data.

  • Ability to document and communicate technical information to a non-technical audience. Ability to create fields, manage profile administration

  • Solid judgment; critical thinking skills; a sense of teamwork and community; ability to handle multiple tasks and work for several people; highly organized.