Digital Planning, Implementation & Integration

The state of ERP implementation

Majority of ERP models are “insufficient to manage the complexity posed by new business models. Instead of monolithic business systems built for product-centric businesses, modern businesses today require agile, flexible systems.”


- Look Beyond ERP, Forrester

Why ERP implementations fail to deliver

Lack of real-time insights being provided

Cannot keep up to the current pace of business

Unnecessary complexity in place

ERP implementations provide no direct links to employees, customers, and suppliers

A significant disruptor has been missing in major parts of the core market like salesforce

Implementation Methodology

We provide unique, customized training that includes everything a superuser would need and exclude the non-essential parts.

Practical first-hand experience in successful digital transformations

Experience-based assessments and analysis

Agile implementation

Immediate results

Easier adoption and faster cultural change

How Pandoblox’s approach is unique

Enterprise Applications

  • Netsuite

  • Oracle

  • SAP

  • Microsoft Dynamics

  • Workday

  • Salesforce


  • E-Commerce

  • Mobile applications

  • Product

  • Project Management

  • Development - Custom

  • Development - 3rd Party

  • QA Testing

  • DevOps - Operations

  • Continuous Integration - Continuous improvement


  • Platform to Platform

  • API

  • RPA - Automation

Security, Governance, Risk, Compliance

  • Design - People, Network & Cloud

  • Securing Software Development

  • Compliance / Governance

  • Business Continuity / DR

  • Penetration Testing

  • DevSecOps

  • Assessment

  • Cyber security

  • Physical and facilities

Are you trying to find solutions in the dark?

Our way

Ecosystem focus

Vendor agnostic

Macro alignment by turning on all the lights

User-based and business-focused requirements

The other guys 

Platform focus

Vendor bias

Making tunnel vision decisions in the dark

Templated implementation

Core Engagements

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