ERP Consulting

Enterprise resource planning is meant to help businesses manage and integrate their day-to-day business activities, including finances, production, human resource, and other activities. It provides real-time and accurate information that helps stakeholders make sound business decisions through data integrity.

The state of ERP implementation

Majority of ERP models are “insufficient to manage the complexity posed by new business models. Instead of monolithic business systems built for product-centric businesses, modern businesses today require agile, flexible systems.”


- Look Beyond ERP, Forrester

Companies see any form of change as a challenge

Companies find inter-departmental collaboration as difficult

Lack of compatible data that can take advantage of ERP’s capabilities

Other challenges facing ERP 

Why ERP implementations fail to deliver

Lack of real-time insights being provided

Cannot keep up to the current pace of business

Unnecessary complexity in place

ERP implementations provide no direct links to employees, customers, and suppliers

A significant disruptor has been missing in major parts of the core market like salesforce

Implementation Methodology

We provide unique, customized training that includes everything a superuser would need and exclude the non-essential parts.

Practical first-hand experience in successful digital transformations

Experience-based assessments and analysis

Agile implementation

Immediate results

Easier adoption and faster cultural change

How Pandoblox’s approach is unique