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Principal Consultant

Full Time or Contracted

About The Role

The Principal Consultant is a seasoned professional in the IT industry with solid leadership skills. This person is expected to assist with system architecture and technology platform decisions. He/She will drive both client and internal projects as needed.


In this role, you'll get to ...

  • perform client facing tasks

  • provide oversight for client engagements and projects

  • act as a bridge between Pandoblox, the client’s internal IT team and/or company execs.

  • provide the following services on demand:
    strategy and consultation on existing applications, infrastructure, budget, risks, and utilization
    IT alignment with the business (to make IT a technology “enabler”)
    analysis of current state and long-term strategy (to assist in planning for optimized IT operations)
    organizational change management guidance
    prioritization & roadmapping
    design & architecture
    IT project prioritization assistance
    IT vendor guidance
    IT maturity assessment

  • assist within Pandoblox through the following services:
    review trending issues for clients and work with the technical team to plan and implement resolutions
    review client goals and develop roadmaps with client stakeholders to achieve them
    review client tools and processes for improvements to streamline customer success activities and services

  • do other duties as needed by the role


On day one, we'll expect you to...

  • have 10+ years of progressive work with at least 3+ years of technical leadership experience

  • have a bachelor’s degree in IT or related field but a master’s degree is preferred

  • have solid experience on on-prem and cloud networking, systems, storage, and IT security

  • have proven experience leading large-scale, cross-organizational, complex enterprise programs or projects utilizing internal and vendor resources

  • effectively interact with executives and senior leaders

  • have strong business acumen

  • have exceptional verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills

  • be comfortable presenting and communicating across all levels of the organization in an effective, situationally appropriate, clear, and high-quality manner

  • be capable of strong individual contribution and influence across non-direct reporting teams

  • be able to work collaboratively with stakeholders throughout the organization

  • be able to maintain good judgment in fast-paced, high-stress environments

  • be able to excel in an ambiguous environment, orchestrating strategic and complex business activity

  • be able to work independently and deliver results with little supervision

  • be able to prioritize tasks across multiple projects

  • be a US Citizen

  • be willing to work in US Pacific Time zone

  • be willing to work within client hours as needed

  • have a fully functional and up-to-date computer with which to perform duties

  • be willing to install next generation end point protection on the computer

Good To Have 

  • Strong leadership skills - You have an ability to organize and galvanize people to achieve a common goal. Able to identify opportunities and move those opportunities forward into action - optimizing risk, innovating to take advantage of those opportunities, taking personal responsibility and managing change within a dynamic environment for the benefit of an organization. You are a tenacious team member who lives for getting tasks and projects across the finish line. You have no reservations in following up with team members on outstanding tasks that may be holding the project up or stands in your way. Once an opportunity has been identified, you work towards creating a value proposition that will enable rapid testing of your key assumptions. Next to effective management of risk (rather than the minimization of risk often sought within corporate environments), you are required to operate with contextual awareness in order to create a value proposition that delivers value to the client while taking into account the organizational requirements and strategic aims. Must have the ability to learn fast and within environments of ambiguity and change while providing clarity and coherence for those around them.

  • Clarity in Chaos - Chaos is state of confusion and disorder. Some businesses run from environments that are chaotic, we run toward it. For leaders that choose to be in chaotic environments and have any chance of surviving much less thriving, we need to be able to find the opportunities in the chaos and be able to communicate those opportunities. We work in an environment that follows the law of thermodynamics where entropy, everything moves toward disorder, so leadership is fighting this law of nature EVERDAY and being able to have clarity on what the chaos is and how to thrive is core.
         being open to the chaos and listening to find opportunities in the chaos

  • Communicate a path to Success - Following up on Chaos. We work with smart people. Providing a vision of how to succeed in the chaos is important. People see and know about the forces that bring chaos. Leadership is being able to communicate to others about the chaos and the path through it.

  • Leading the effort to break things down into repeatable processes

  • Ability to take critiques and course correct - "Greatness is found in the agency of others". A leader is ultimately accountable for the success or failure of a task, mission or expedition. However, a leader must solicit input and criticism to ensure that they have all of the information necessary to ensure a successful mission.


  • Remote work setup with 5% chance of traveling per year



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