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Digital Guide

It can be challenging to navigate the pathway through a digital transformation. Our executives have deep, practical experience and a demonstrated track record of success leading technology teams and large-scale transformative projects, touching every area of the business, across multiple organizations. Our approach is different than any of our competitors and our results are vastly superior. We are builders, creators, innovators, and thinkers. We mentor and empower your team. And we save your organization considerable time and money.

Development + Security

Data is your most valuable asset and cyber security is everyone's responsibility. Our unique approach does not treat security as a separate function, but rather as one that must be fundamentally intertwined with development and operations. With a global view, we create precision-designed systems that become the foundation of an inter-connected, secure platform. We transform DevOps into DevSecOps and perfectly balance the need for speed and agility with the necessity to protect critical assets.

Digital Business Optimization

If you simply made up your mind to implement a new application without looking at the bigger picture, there are plenty of companies or even a current department head that can handle that simple task. But if you want something much more, we can co-create a vision to transform your business today, as well as develop the foundation to future-proof your business and your technology. From building custom applications to embracing blockchain technologies and digital currencies, we are your partner, your guide, and your passport to a digital future.

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Bridging the Gap Between Business and Technology


Ask us for a comprehensive assessment of your current business security posture as well as where it should be based on your business value streams with measurable KPI's.

Security Talk in the Boardroom

Is your business ready to prevent a security breach?

How to Communicate with Stakeholders if you have a breach

During any security event, communicating information to key stakeholders,  executive staff, or the board of directors, needs to be handled carefully. James Rinaldi, Chief ITA at Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL), explains how to message and answer questions to convey urgency without panic.

How to Communicate with Customers if you have a breach

Have you experienced a security breach in your organization? Do you have the responsibility to disclose the breach to high-touch customers? Here are some pragmatic tips from Bob Van Dusen, CISO Pandoblox and Former CISO of Blizzard Entertainment, on how to communicate a breach and remediation plan to customers.

With a team of experienced product managers, architects, developers, DevOps, QA and administrators,  Pandoblox services can bring a wide range of custom projects from vision through software development and integration to production readiness. When you want something more than an off-the-shelf solution, we have the experts, and expertise to custom-develop the right system for your company and your needs.

We believe that integrating security into every stage of an implementation project and developing an iterative improvement environment is crucial, and saves both time and money, while ensuring a multi-layered, secure environment. Every Pandoblox service, from Workforce  Optimization to Software Development, includes a SecurebyDesign framework.

Businesses rely on accurate and fast data output and intelligent analysis. A well-managed data environment is crucial in making competitive business decisions in a timely manner. The DO service assesses your data needs first – paying close attention to your company’s specific value streams - and then examines everything from raw data to final output. Through our creative solutions, we save companies from excessive spending on large scale, multi-year projects.

Our veteran CxOs work closely with your executive management team to determine precise needs and then rapidly deploy needed resources, which are managed by Pandoblox. Our dedicated resource services deliver 75% time savings in finding and assigning the right resources, achieve up to 50% time savings in day-to-day management, and save dramatically on service fees.

We don’t work in a linear manner. We developed a Rapid Operational Integration approach that cuts project timelines from two or three years down to 6 months. We work with your team to breakdown large-scale projects into a series of simultaneously run, inter-connected tasks. We create a bee hive-like atmosphere: bustling with activity – with each individual tasked with specific responsibilities, and finishing the job in record time.

We have developed tools and techniques that will optimize a workforce in ways never before possible. We completely re-examine the platforms and processes required to make communication, collaboration, and connection as effective as possible. This iterative process includes adoption of KPIs to help monitor the effectiveness of WO implementations and fine tunes strategies for continuous improvement.

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